TENNESSEE (ENHANCED) HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT CLASS $75 - In this class, firearms safety, shooting fundamentals and the legal principals of self defense are presented and explained. An elementary shooting test as well as a written final test must be passed before successful completion and the issuance of a course certificate. This class must be taken before applying for a handgun carry permit. Each student must have a safe and reliable handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition and eye and ear protection. A secure holster is highly recommended.

BASIC ARMED DEFENSE CLASS $75 (4 HOUR CLASS)- Safety considerations are thoroughly discussed and then the student moves quickly to the range . An introduction is made to the importance of strategic defensive planning and proper equipment selection. The range work starts with basic shooting drills and progresses through more advanced techniques on single and multiple threat targets. Each student will need a reliable handgun, strong side holster, at least one extra magazine or speedloader and belt pouch, small flashlight and at least 200 rounds of ammunition

ADVANCED ARMED DEFENSE $75 (4 HOUR CLASS) - This is considered by most students to be our most intense and interesting class. Psycho-motor body reactions to stress are studied and applied to "real life" situations with the defensive Handgun. The range time will focus on speed and accuracy as well as good decision making under stress. Ground fighting is also introduced. The same equipment is needed as in the Basic class. 

DEFENSIVE RIFLE CLASS $75 (4 HOUR CLASS) - The modern rifle is considered to be the best all around defensive weapon available. This class introduces the student to the tactics and skills needed to master this type of serious defensive tool. A reliable rifle, 2 or 3 extra magazines, 200 rounds of ammo, and the same equipment needed for the Basic Handgun Class are required.

DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN CLASS $75 (4 HOUR CLASS) - The role of the shotgun in defensive situations is not well understood by the average defensive shooter. The awesome power and extreme effectiveness of the shotgun should not be underestimated. The range time will help the student develop the skill to use the shotgun safely and efficiently in a personal protection mode. A reliable shotgun with attached sling is needed by each student along with 50 birdshot shells, 5 buckshot shells and 5 slugs. No special type of shotgun is needed.

           All classes start at 8 am.